With Tento you'll never need to remember a password again


Remembered passwords have become the bane of everyone’s online life. If you were setting out to design an authentication system for today’s internet, you would not ask every website to hold its own password database any more than you would expect every website to be its own bank.

The legacy system we all tolerate is bad for websites and their users. Websites have become targets for cybercriminals who steal user identities. Users are asked to choose different long complex passwords for each site and not record them. Under GDPR rules, website operators can be fined up to £20m for a data breach.

In 2019, Tento will launch TentoID authentication - possibly the most secure authentication available on the internet. A TentoID is a token stored in the user’s smartphone or PC. It enables the delivery of single-use biometric passcodes to the user device.  A biometric passcode is one that humans can read but machines cannot. You might think of it as a personal CAPTCHA - not only does it distinguish humans from bots, but also proves the user is who they claim to be.

By coupling biometric passcodes with fingerprints and voice recognition, we can achieve 3BFA - three biometric factor authentication. Unlike some passwordless systems, our passcodes deliver maximum password entropy - over 2m passcodes from just 4 characters. Our target user authentication time is 5 seconds.

TentoID authentication heralds an end to password misery for users and reduced costs and risks for data owners.




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