What if I Lose my phone?

All smartphones should be protected by one of the many disabling apps that are widely available – the phone manufacturer usually supplies one. It should also be locked using a biometric (fingerprint, face or voice recognition) or a strong password.

If the phone is lost or stolen, the user should revoke their TentoID and request a new one

I've left my phone at home, how do i log in to the website/my bank?

You can replicate your TentoID across several devices – so you could have a copy in your home and work PCs as well as in your phone.  That way, you will always be able to get authenticated, even if you have mislaid your phone.

What happens when i change my phone?

When you sell or throw out your old phone you should cancel the TentoID in your old phone. You can do this easily within the TentoID app.  When you do, you will get an email from the website where you originally registered, asking if you wish to download a new TentoID.  You can do so once you have installed the TentoID app in your new phone.