Although Tento initially focussed on developing a secure way to log in to websites, email, online banking etc, there are many other potential uses for the technology we have developed.



Interpol estimates that 1 million people die each year from counterfeit drugs. Tento could help eradicate the transport and sale of fake medicines.

We can install a Tento token in a phone which can recognise millions of different codes printed on product packaging.  The user (who may be a consumer, distribution centre or a secret shopper employed by the company whose products are being faked) scans the QR code printed on the packaging.  A code is then displayed on the phone screen.  The user can compare this with a code printed on the packaging along with the QR code.  If they are identical, the user can be sure that the packaging is genuine and that, therefore, so long as the packaging has not been tampered with, the contents also can be trusted. There is the possibility that the counterfeiter has purchased some genuine items and simply copied them, so the user should inspect several of the items to ensure that they are all different before trusting the results of the scan(s). 

There are various technologies deployed in the fight against counterfeit goods, including RFID tokens, scratch panels and conventional barcodes.  These can be expensive to deploy or are easy for the counterfeiter to reproduce. Tento can be deployed at zero marginal cost since they require only conventional digital printing.

This use of Tento Tokens requires further R&D and we are keen to collaborate with companies whose products are subject to counterfeit.


Ticket authentication

Access to some of the worlds most popular music events is strictly controlled but with tickets touts and huge amounts of money to be gained from fraudulently copying tickets it can be hard to be certain as a consumer you have purchased a genuine ticket or that as an operator you are giving access to only legal ticket holders.

Tento could be used to ensure all tickets sold and purchased are genuine.  



The Counterfeit Problem
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development estimates that in 2013 the global market in fake goods was valued at almost half a trillion dollars - around 2.5% of global imports
The most cost-effective way of tracing fake products is to use a printed barcode on every product pack.  But barcode systems can be falsified.  TentoTag is a printed QR code and phone app that cannot be faked.

The Tento Solution
TentoTag - an authentication and information system that will:
•    Trace products from manufacturer to consumer to identify fakes anywhere in the supply chain
•    Give consumers confidence of authenticity prior to product purchase
•    Enhance legitimate brands by reducing the number of counterfeit products in circulation
•    Limit the damage to public health and wellbeing caused by counterfeits
•    Help identify the criminals responsible for counterfeit products
How we do this:-
•    We attach a unique TentoTag to every product which can only be read by the free TentoID phone app
•    The TentoTag comprises a QR code and an associated readable code. The user simply scans the QR code using the app and compares the code with the one displayed on their phone.  If the codes match, the product is genuine.
•    We provide the user with up-to-date alerts and news about the products they buy.
•    We alert relevant authorities when suspected counterfeits are identified.

Benefits of TentoTag
•    Low cost for brand owners - TentoTags can be printed on any label or pack.
•    Free at the point of purchase.  The TentoID app is free for consumers to download.
•    Can be used by compliance professionals at any point in the supply chain.
•    Needs no scratchpads or covert devices – just a smartphone.
•    Needs no phone network connection at the point of use.